The service didn’t fall off once we ‘signed on the dotted line’ – their team stayed with us each step to be sure our roll out was a success, helped us trouble shoot with our less-tech-savvy-members and they continue to check on us to be sure we are pleased.

~ Laurie, Director of Finance, Chicago, Il

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  • If your church or nonprofit hosts large events and hasn’t tried a text giving tool to raise funds live, during the event, you’re in for a treat. As pioneers in text giving, mobileAxept has worked with hundreds of nonprofits to help them realize the b

  • Fall is always an exciting time for church communities. Once Labor Day rolls around, local schools are generally back in session and families are ready to get reinvolved in church activities. And adults without children also tend to see fall as a goo

  • For any ministry accepting, processing, storing or transmitting the credit card information of members and donors, PCI compliance should be a familiar term. But because digital payments and security practices are ever-evolving, here’s a quick refresh

  • Because text-giving is now an absolutely essential donation option for nonprofits, it’s no surprise that there are a number of solid tools on the market today. As you’re looking for the tool that’s right for you, it’s important to consider budget, fe

  • Not long ago, an Ohio church lost an alarming $1.75 million due to hackers breaching two employees’ email accounts. After gaining control of the email accounts, the hackers were able to pretend to be the employees and deceived other workers at the ch

  • The right donor database can make it much easier for donors to donate to your nonprofit. The last thing you want is to make it difficult or confusing for your supporters to donate. A donation tool like GiveNow makes it easier for donors to donate, as

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Volunteers and Donors are a key part of a nonprofit’s success. Yet, it can be easy to get busy championing your cause and neglect them. As a nonprofit, you spin lots of plates, but it is vital to prioritize cultivating and engaging with your supporters....

A Tale of Two Spencers: Interning with mobileAxept Now that everything is going digital due to the pandemic, the team at mobileAxept has been very busy creating and managing donation platforms for the ministries and congregations that are transitioning to online giving. To help cover the extra workload,...

Just because churches may be held virtually or in a limited capacity doesn’t mean communication with their congregation needs to be slowed down. There are plenty of apps and platforms that churches can use to stay connected with their congregation during COVID-19 and long after...

Giving Tuesday is on December 1st this year, meaning it's right around the corner. But, unlike years past, this giving Tuesday will be quite different. With COVID-19 still present in the world, everyone who plans on holding giving Tuesday fundraisers needs to think creatively to...

For churches and other nonprofits looking to increase their donations, donor management software is a surefire way to do just that. Instead of trying to manage all your donors and their donations on an Excel spreadsheet—which can be difficult and can lead to inaccurate records...

Giving back and being a vital part of the community is more important than ever before. The good news is that there are many different ways to give back to the community and help make it stronger than ever. You can make a positive impact,...

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    Realizing a need for reentry services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Bishop T.D. Jakes founded the Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.) program in 2005. Since inception, T.O.R.I. has provided service to over 23,000 returning citizens in the areas of employment, education, healthcare, housing, spiritual guidance and family reunification. Involvement in the T.O.R.I. program ensures increased opportunity, housing security, expanded educational opportunities, financial literacy and creates a heightened quality of life for each participant willing to complete the program. T.O.R.I. clients proudly state “I am more.”
  • Our church staff has worked with various different companies through the years but we experienced a higher level of care and responsiveness with mobileAxept than we have with others. As we rolled out our program to our members, mobileAxept gave us templates and tools that made the marketing team’s job very easy.
  • The Text-to-Give program is convenient, secure and accurate! I can give at any time, not just when I’m at church, and it makes it easy to keep up with my donations. mobileAxept also offers the ultimate in customer service - super friendly and helpful with excellent results!