Make Your Church Donations More Effective With Text Software

Make Your Church Donations More Effective With Text Software

Text-to-Give and Text Notifications are all the rage these days for churches. The nerdy term you might see for texting is SMS (short message service). 

More and more churches are making the switch to mobile phone solutions to effectively engage with their congregations. What’s more, smart churches and ministries are realizing they can be better stewards of their resources if they use simple, cost-effective tools to communicate with their members. Wasting thousands of dollars on a church app that is hard to maintain, unlikely to be downloaded, and if downloaded, likely to be deleted by church members is an all-too-common mistake. 

But what exactly are the facts? Do text communications create a better experience for your church members? And can they lead to more donations? 

Let’s start off with the fact that most Americans own smartphones—85% of them, actually. And 9 out of 10 people say they prefer to be communicated with via text message, plus text messages have an open rate of 98 percent. Then there’s the fact that 60 percent of church members are willing to give to their church digitally. Combined, these statistics make a strong argument for churches to rely heavily on text messaging and giving devices. 

How To Use Text Notifications 

The simplicity of Text or SMS Notifications is what draws many churches to this solution. Some email and social media messaging platforms are complicated to master. With Text Notifications, all you have to do is select (from predetermined groups) who you’d like to send a message to, type it up, proofread it, and send it! That’s it! It’s an easy, four-step process, and anyone can do it. 

There are myriad ways for churches to use Text Notifications to communicate with their people. Send event reminders, logistics updates, special giving opportunities, calls for volunteers, holiday greetings—the list is endless. You can also use text messages to inspire and support camaraderie and wellbeing. Send good news, Scripture tidbits, or a thought for the day. You can even send images and video links. 

Why Text-to-Give? 

If you already have a mobile app or an online give option within your church’s website, you might be wondering why you should even think about Text-to-Give options. First off, Text-to-Give is easier for your community to use because they don’t have to access your website (which may not be optimized for mobile use) or download an app. Software such as i3 Nonprofit Solution’s Text-Giving allows them to give in a couple of taps by sending an SMS text message to your church’s SMS short code, which they can save in their phone’s Contacts. 

In addition, Text-to-Give tools allow your members to check their giving history, set up recurring donations, and give to different funds—all within the texting tool. By using text-to-give, you’re giving your church its best shot at reaching its giving-revenue potential. 

On the church administration side, Text Giving also makes finances easier.  If you’ve been struggling to keep track of gifts and donations, you’ll be glad to know that Text-to-Give software gives you access to a detailed record of all contributions received, including the name of the donor and the date and time. Because this data is automatically tracked for you, you’ll be better equipped to keep tabs on your own records and offer better accountability to your community. 

Next Steps 

If you think an SMS Text Notification system or Text-to-Give platform might be right for you and your church, there are a few things you can do to start taking the next steps. Number one is researching text giving software options. At mobileAxept, we want you to make an informed decision about the product you choose to use for your organization. 

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