Maximize Donations at Your Nonprofit Events with Text Giving

Maximize Donations at Your Nonprofit Events with Text Giving

If your church or nonprofit hosts large events and hasn’t tried a text giving tool to raise funds live, during the event, you’re in for a treat.

As pioneers in text giving, mobileAxept has worked with hundreds of nonprofits to help them realize the benefits of the technology. Offering text giving during events can be particularly effective. Our experience has taught us some important lessons about event text giving that we’d like to share with you today.

People Like Texting

Almost everyone has a smartphone today, and almost everyone prefers texting over any other digital communication or task administration method. In fact, according to Pew Research, text messaging is far and away the most frequently used feature smartphones. Fully 97% of Americans text at least once a day.

People like texting because it’s quick, simple, and timely. In just a few seconds, a text can convey all the information that’s needed. Texting also allows people to multitask—something today’s culture demands.

During an event, all these positive attributes of texting come into play.  When you invite attendees to give via mobileAxept, they can do it immediately and simply, while your mission is top of mind. What’s more, they can give while still paying attention to your speaker or program. Done right, text giving is so simple and friction-free that it doesn’t distract from your event.

People like text giving so much that during events, we have seen many mobileAxept users donate multiple times. They give money at the beginning of the event, then, as they become more deeply engaged by the next speaker or program element, they give again. Because they have a convenient giving tool right there in their hands, they use it when they feel Inspired.

People Trust Texting

The standardized protocols of text interactions with an organization—whether for-profit or nonprofit—helps people feel in control. They know they must opt in for text notifications, as well as unsubscribe at any time they want.

While links in emails have become suspect for fraud and phishing, text interactions remain trustworthy. If your nonprofit uses text tools well to communicate, develop supporter relationships, and accept giving; you will be enhancing this trust.

When you invite event participants to scan a QR code displayed on a screen or printed in a program, you’re giving them a safe, simple way to donate. Ditto when you ask them to text a keyword to your organization’s number. Everything is transparent, direct, and private.

Of course, security is also paramount for all financial transactions. mobileAxept is PCI Level 1 compliant, which means our payment processing protocols meet the highest standards. All personal and financial data is encrypted and tokenized.

The Technology Matters

Not all text giving tools are created equal. Look for true SMS technology, a simple interface, high throughput for events, offline capture in venues with poor cell or Wi-Fi coverage, excellent security, and white-glove customer support.

Time and again we have seen that church members and nonprofit supporters will use a good text giving system, but they will not use one that is glitchy, slow, or unprofessional in any way.

Take Advantage of Our Complimentary Consultations

Churches and nonprofits that become mobileAxept users benefit from complimentary consulting. We work with every customer to help them optimize our text giving and communications tools. We are happy to share our extensive knowledge about what works (and what doesn’t) for text giving at events. We invite you to reach out today!

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