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Donor Management Software Options 2021: Which Ones Right For You?

For churches and other nonprofits looking to increase their donations, donor management software is a surefire way to do just that. Instead of trying to manage all your donors and their donations on an Excel spreadsheet—which can be difficult and can lead to inaccurate records and figures—churches need to invest in tried-and-true donor management tools.

That’s why it’s important to invest in donor management software that gives you clarity on your donation stats, who is donating, and how much. When churches keep tabs on their donors, it can make it much easier to reach out to them when you’re looking to increase your donations (such as through emails, texting, etc.). Today, we’ll be talking about some of the best donor management software options currently on the market. And, if you’re looking to pair your new software with an online giving tool for your church, check out our “Best Online Giving For Small Churches: 3 Tools and Strategies to Equip Church Leaders” article!

Let’s get started!


Doubleknot has many great features, including the ability to store every donation in a single database, offering users a complete view of their members and donors. Doubleknot is considered a customer relationship management tool, which—according to Double the Donation—is great for nonprofit cultural attractions. If you fit that description, you should definitely look at Doubleknot and see if they are a good fit for your nonprofit.

Some other Doubleknot features include the ability to track memberships, donations, reservations, merchandise sales, and develop target programs and offers for donors based on the data you have compiled. You can schedule a demo with Doubleknot to see how it works in a real-world setting too!


mobileAxept offers three distinct solutions for churches looking to boost their donation numbers and keep track of all their donors and congregation members.

GiveNow is a text-to-give solution that offers the most intuitive donor experience on the market today. As a user-friendly solution for both donors and recipients, GiveNow can easily integrate with your current systems. Why should you ensure that your donors can tithe through their phones? According to recent studies, churches that accept tithing online can increase their donations by 32%. If you’re having trouble meeting your tithing goals, then creating an avenue for your members to donate digitally is one of the best ways to do so.

ConnectNow acts as a virtual visitor card for new church attendees, making it easier for churches to engage with both church hoppers and serious church shoppers. This is especially important for churches that are growing or are experiencing new attendees rapidly.

ReachNow is the last solution from mobileAxept. This tool allows churches to stay in touch with members of their congregation, as well as donors. After all, email just doesn’t work as well as a text message does—especially when it comes to open rates. Send daily or weekly devotional messages, updates on weather delays or closures, giving appeals, event reminders, and more to your congregation!


Salsa is an extremely intuitive solution for nonprofits that want to improve their donor management. Perhaps its most impressive feature is the in-depth reports it can generate, which allows users to spend more time connecting with their donors instead of sifting through the data looking for insight. This software will also help you communicate with donors through relevant information by pairing donor profiles with correct messages, offering the perfect email marketing system.

Another cool feature, Salsa will automate gift acknowledgments, recurring gift options, and renewal reminders. Salsa’s prices vary depending on the number of donors you have, meaning they may be out of the price range of churches with smaller budgets that still have a lot of donors.


Bloomerang—in addition to having a great name—is also an extremely thorough customer relationship management tool. The platform can build well-rounded donor profiles, track supporters at every stage of their engagement, and includes social listening features, website integrations, and much more.

Bloomerang’s donor management software was specifically created for nonprofits. Nonprofits with big dreams of changing the world should consider Bloomerang as a serious contender for their next donor management solution.


CharityEngine is a highly-rated donor management software that is known for being an all-in-one option. This is handy for nonprofits, as instead of purchasing many different software and solutions to manage their donors and keep tabs on donations, they can just do a one-stop-shop with CharityEngine. Spending all this time, research, and money on different solutions that may or may not integrate well together can cause some major headaches for churches and nonprofits alike. With CharityEngine, they completely avoid those issues.

As an all-in-one solution, CharityEngine’s different features seamlessly connect and interact with one another so management can streamline information from one campaign to another so that important data is never lost. At a glance, this solution provides CRM, fundraising, event management, advocacy, billing, and reporting features.

Take Your Time During Your Search for the Perfect Donor Management Solution

When it comes to finding the perfect solution for your organization, whether you’re a church or another type of nonprofit, you can never be too careful with your choice. Always be thorough in your research of software. Check reviews, read product descriptions, and chat with a sales rep to see whether or not you’re actually a good fit for that software. No two software is the same, but one of them out there is the perfect solution for your church.

To learn more about mobileAxept’s solutions and how they can fit into your church, reach out to us today! We love working with churches that are looking to grow and flesh out their internal processes. Make sure to check out the rest of our blog for more nonprofit and church tips, news, and insights.

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