21 Church Fundraising Ideas: Indoors Edition

21 Church Fundraising Ideas: Indoors Edition

There are all sorts of ways for church communities to fundraise effectively. Here are 21 ideas for events and tactics that can be held indoors, often in your own church facilities.

1. Hold a Valentine’s Date Night for Couples

Serve a special meal and turn the lights down slightly for a “restaurant-style” Valentine’s night for couples. This one is really fun!

2. Put on an Easter or Christmas Breakfast

Breakfast always goes over really well, and it’s inexpensive and easy to make! You can decorate for the holiday and accept donations for each person eating. And if you make it a potluck, your food costs will be low, and you’ll be able to raise even more money!

3. Host a Game or Movie Night

Family nights are a fun way to raise money. Sell snacks, popcorn, and drinks to help raise money, or ask for a donation at the door. If your church has big projectors in the sanctuary, it can make for a great theater. These nights are more fun when more people come, so be sure to promote it well.

4. Engage Your Community by Asking for Help with Repairs or Cleaning

Asking for donations of time from your members can be a great way to save some money. Many church members could probably help complete tasks that you might otherwise pay someone to accomplish.

5. Hold an Auction for Donated Services

Donated services such as yard work, a night of babysitting, house painting, or instrument lessons are examples of great things to auction. Both the donors and purchasers feel good about serving their community and supporting the church.

6. Put on an Ice Cream Social

An ice cream social is a fun way to raise some extra money. Get large tubs of ice cream and lots of toppings. You’ll be set for a great event!

7. Have a Bingo Night

More people than just grandma enjoy bingo night. With a small entry fee for each card, churches are sure to be able to raise money every time they put on a bingo night!

8. Offer Family Photo Shoots

Find a photographer in your church who would be willing to set up a backdrop and lighting and take family photos. Theme the props and backdrop for a holiday if you’d like. With a laptop, thumb drives, and a little technical volunteer support, you can send each family home with studio-quality photo files then and there.

9. Host a Raffle

Raffles are a great way to raise money. Ask a business or church member to donate the grand prize or consider purchasing something everyone would like, such as tickets to a sporting event. Then, raffle them off and put the proceeds towards your church.

10. Plan a Community Bake Sale

A bake sale is a great way to get people involved who might not have money to give. Instead, ask them to contribute homemade baked goods. Others who don’t enjoy or have the time to bake will be happy to purchase their wares!

11. Hold a Monthly or Quarterly Guessing Game

Fill a container with marbles, pennies, jelly beans, or other small objects and charge $5 for people to guess the number of items in the jar. The person who’s closest gets a prize, such as a gift card to a local restaurant.

12. Put on a Clean Comedy Night

Comedy shows aren’t always family-friendly, but hosting one that is can be a great way to raise money for your church! Find a comedian who brings the house down in a G-rated way, and sell tickets to your event.

13. Organize a March Madness Bracket

Everyone loves a good March Madness Bracket, and today’s online tools make it simple to set up and manage.

14. Begin Offering Online or Text Giving

Finding the right program to offer virtual donations to your members can help boost your donations drastically. Be sure to check out the online giving options offered by mobileAxept.

15. Ask for Car Donations

Have you noticed that lots of nonprofits accept vehicle donations? If one of your members is knowledgeable about cars and willing to help place donated cars (for resale or parts), this can be a win-win. The donor gets a tax deduction, and your church gets funding.

16. Hold a Painting Class

Some nonprofits have found great success in offering arts and crafts nights. In a classroom-type setting, attendees are led in painting a simple piece. At the end of the night, they’re able to take their creation home with them.

17. Organize and put on a Play

A play gets youth involved. Ask around to see if you have any former actors in your community. Most church communities would be able to put on a great show that they could sell tickets to.

18. Cook Up a Cooking Class

A cooking class is an excellent way to offer value back to the donor. Charge a ticket fee and teach them how to cook something special. It’s sure to be a huge success!

19. Hold a Dodgeball Tournament

A competitive dodgeball tournament is a great way to raise money. Many churches have gyms, and both teens and adults would love to be part of an event like this.

20. Put on a Concert

Host a benefit concert as a fundraiser. Ask a band to come and play for your fundraiser and work it out so that a portion of the ticket sales goes directly to the church.

21. Host a New Year’s Eve Party

This is a great night for a party that is also a fundraiser. Families often don’t have family-friendly options for New Year’s Eve. Put some fun party foods and games together for a great fundraiser.


No matter which ideas you choose, be sure to tell church members and event attendees where the money is going and why it’s needed. This helps to build trust and providers members a bigger reason to participate and give.

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