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Grow Your Personal Donor Foundation In 2021 (How-To Guide)

The key to great fundraising for your nonprofit is repeat donors. But, before recurring donors can happen, they first need to be first-time donors. While finding new personal donors can be tough, and it takes work, we’ve outlined 8 great strategies for securing new supporters.

First up, make sure to utilize social media.

Utilize Social Media

Social is one of the best ways to get the word out because everyone is on at least one social platform. In fact, 80% of Americans are currently on at least one social media platform. So, make sure that you’re active on social. Continuously share success stories about your nonprofit and the great work that you’re doing. Highlight supporters and donors, and make sure to engage with people who send you messages or leave comments. Being active on social media will help improve your brand awareness and will lead to new donors.

Encourage Word of Mouth

One of the most powerful resources a nonprofit has is its employees, donors, and volunteers. They are passionate, ardent supporters of your organization. Make sure to utilize that passion by encouraging them to tell their family, friends, and network about your nonprofit.  You can even incentivize them to bring in new donors by offering prizes or awards for every new donor or amount of money they help bring in.

Make Sure Your Mission is Clearly Defined Everywhere Your Nonprofit is

One of the biggest mistakes a nonprofit can make is not making it clear what it is they do. If someone goes on your website, sees a flyer or poster, or attends a fundraiser and isn’t sure what you do, that is not good. Wherever your nonprofit is—whether online, at an event, etc.—ensure your messaging is clear and succinct. Make it clear what the problems are that your nonprofit is trying to solve and how volunteers and donations can help solve the issue.

Make it Easy For People to Donate (And Choose Recurring Donations)

Once people do find your nonprofit, make it easy for them to donate. One way to do this is by offering text-to-give solutions. GiveNow is an easy, all-in-one text-to-give solution for donating. It allows people who want to support your organization to do the following all from their phone:

  • Check donation history
  • Edit profile
  • Set up recurring donations
  • Give to different funds
  • Access to support 365 days a year

Make it easy for new and existing supporters to donate with GiveNow today!


Offer Rewards For Donors

One way to encourage new (and recurring) donations is by offering rewards for people who donate. Obviously, giving away rewards can be expensive and isn’t right for every nonprofit. But if you have some excess funds, put it towards reward-tiers. For example, once someone donates for the first time, they can get a t-shirt. Once they donate $500 total, they get a gift card for a nice local restaurant, and so on and so forth.

Stay Up-to-Date on Big, Local Donors

If you have any big, local philanthropists who like to support nonprofits, make sure you get in front of them and that they are aware of your organization. Whether it’s sending them an email or reaching out to their organization if they have one, introducing your nonprofit to them is the first step in building a relationship.

Build Strategic Partnerships

Whether you’re teaming up with other nonprofits or working with local sports teams or other organizations, building partnerships can be a great way to attain new donors. Create a list of some potential organizations that you believe would be a good fit. Their values should align with your nonprofit’s, as you’ll be associated with them because of your partnership.

Sponsor Events

A good ol’ fashioned sponsorship of a popular local event is also a great way to get in front of a new audience and potentially create new first-time donors. Once again, just make sure that the event aligns with your values.

Good luck getting new donors! And, if you’re interested in a free GiveNow demo, reach out to us!

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