5 Best NonProfit Donor Management Software Options (2021 NonProfit Guide)

5 Best NonProfit Donor Management Software Options (2021 NonProfit Guide)

Running a nonprofit can be tough. It takes a lot of sacrifices, hard work, and dedication. But, the mission you and your team are fighting for makes this effort worthwhile.

Fortunately, there are some great tools and solutions that nonprofits can use that can make the day-to-day management of their organization much easier—case and point: donor management software. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: in addition to your dedicated employees and volunteers, donors are the lifeblood of a nonprofit.

Because of this, building relationships with your donors and keeping up with outreach initiatives is key. The right donor management software will help you do both of these things, which will help ensure your nonprofit remains fruitful and successful for years to come.

To help you find the perfect donor management software, here are 5 of some of the best on the market today to get you started on your search.

The Best Donor Management Solutions For Nonprofits

best nonprofit donor management software

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GiveNow, ReachNow, & ConnectNow (mobileAxept)

Three different solutions that can perfectly integrate with one another, mobileAxept’s suite is perfect for any nonprofit that is looking to expand its donor management capabilities.

With ReachNow, nonprofits can send text alerts directly to their donors and supporters, allowing them to send up-to-date information and news on the organization efficiently. Whether you’re trying to promote an event, send giving appeals, or send updates on your nonprofit’s goals, ReachNow is the perfect tool for connecting with your donors.

GiveNow is one of the premier text-to-give solutions available for nonprofits today. In addition to being easy to use internally, your donors will have no trouble navigating GiveNow’s interface. By simply sending a text message, donors can do everything from registration, set up recurring payments, and edit their profile and settings.

ConnectNow acts as a virtual visitor card so that when someone visits your nonprofit or volunteers, you can easily take their contact information. Instead of having them write down their information which can lead to things getting lost in translation (not all of us have perfect handwriting), make sure that the information you gather for current and potential donors is accurate with ConnectNow.

Whether you want all three solutions or just one, get started on integrating mobileAxept into your nonprofit by reaching out today and request a demo so you can see these solutions in action!


360MatchPro is a very reliable donor management software that allows you to manage, market, and automate donations. Trusted by many organizations, this software makes organizing your data simple through a match portal, email domain screening, automated outreach, and process tracking.

One feature they call out on their site is their ability to help with corporate payments. If large donors are what you after, utilizing 360MatchPro’s targeted follow-ups will help you get in front of the right companies at the right time. This feature will help you drive more completed submissions, helping you bring in more matching gift checks from companies.

Overall, there are a lot of great features within this software, and it’s worth checking out, particularly for large nonprofits.


Dataro is a solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to help nonprofits optimize their donor management. Utilizing its machine learning system, Dataro delivers reliable predictions based on previous interactions with donors. Using these data-driven insights can help nonprofits make more targeted and effective campaigns.

Like all the solutions here, Dataro offers a demo so you can take it for a spin. Anytime you have the opportunity to try out a demo for a new solution, you definitely should take them up on that prior to signing on. While some software works great for some nonprofits, others require more or sometimes less functionality. Don’t be afraid to take your time when looking for the ideal donor management solutions, and always look at reviews and other helpful resources to guide your decision.


DoubleKnot is considered one of the top donor management software for cultural nonprofits, according to Double the Donation. The review site believes that this is an ideal tech solution for nonprofit cultural attractions. If that sounds like your organization, then you should definitely check out DoubleKnot.

DooubleKnot comes with a large number of features, including ones that make it easy to track revenue and keep tabs on accurate data of visitors, members, and donors.

One of their key features that their users particularly enjoy is having every transaction and interaction stored in a single database. This makes it easy for management and key stakeholders to get a complete view of the organization’s health and success.

Little Green Light

If you’re interested in seeing if a cloud-based software is right for your nonprofit, you can try Little Green Light for 30 days prior to purchasing it.

Cloud-based solutions are growing in popularity, but they aren’t perfect for everyone. Therefore, trying out the demo is a smart idea. Some of Little Green Light’s key features include the ability to track any communication you have with your donors, whether through the mail, email, or in-person meetings. Like many of the solutions on this list, Little Green Light is excellent for keeping everything centralized so you can have a crystal clear picture of the health of your nonprofit.

For more help finding the perfect solutions for your nonprofit, check out the rest of our blog!

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