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9 Best Online Donation Tools For NonProfit Organizations (2021 Guide)

Shifting your focus allowing supporters of your nonprofit to donate online provides clear benefits. For starters, online fundraising can drastically expand your reach, allow you to better understand who your donors are, and make it much easier for your supporters to donate.

The good news for you is that the market for online donation tools has plenty of high-quality options. Here are 9 of the best online donation tools for nonprofit organizations to help you find the ideal solution for you.


99Pledges is ideal for nonprofits that host many fundraising events that thrive on peer-to-peer fundraisings, such as walkathons. To ensure that participants in your events can reach their family, friends, and extended networks to raise money, choosing a solution like 99Pledges is a must. Your event participants will each receive their own donation page to share on their social media platforms. The pages are accessible via both web and mobile for added ease of use.


GiveNow is a cutting-edge donation solution courtesy of mobileAxept that allows your donors to conveniently contribute to your nonprofit from the simple sending of a text. GiveNow allows your supporters to check their donation history, edit their profile, set up recurring donations, and more, all from their smartphones. GiveNow also includes a custom-hosted foundation page (SwiftGive) featuring a one-time or recurring donation option. Through a one-time PIN, users can log in—meaning there will be no usernames or passwords needed. Never lose out on potential donations due to a clunky user experience ever again. Just as important as these nifty features is the fact that mobileAxept takes security very seriously and has achieved the highest safety level by the Payment Card Industry (PCI Level 1 Compliant). Contact mobileAxept to learn more and sign up for a free demo.


One of the most important parts of an online donation solution is the ability to customize the solution to fit your nonprofit’s brand image. Qgiv does an excellent job of this. With Qgiv, nonprofits can create custom donation pages and receipts to create a holistic, consistent donor experience. Particularly good for peer-to-peer fundraising, Qgiv also has mobile-friendly donation pages, which makes it convenient for people who like to donate via their smartphones.


At face value, DonorPerfect is a simple solution for online donations. Through Weblink, organizations can subscribe to DonorPerfect’s services. This allows them to create and manage online donation forms. With easy-to-use templates, DonorPerfect is perfect for everyone—regardless of how tech-savvy they feel they are. But, DonorPerfect possesses an online marketplace. This is where their services expand, as they have a collection of independent software vendor services that you can take advantage of.


DonorBox gets major points because it is extremely easy to use. Both internally and externally, users will be able to use DonorBox’s streamlined software with ease. DonorBox, like others listed here, offers customizable donation forms and recipients to ensure your nonprofit’s branding is represented. DonorBox also integrates perfectly with Salesforce, Double the Donation, and Mailchimp.


Known as one of the top solutions for nonprofits that are looking to improve their fundraising capabilities. Blackbaud’s Luminate is a comprehensive software package that includes marketing software in addition to online donation tools. If you have Salesforce, you’ll definitely want to consider Luniate, as the two integrate seamlessly.


Flexible enough to handle both crowdsourcing and peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives, CauseVox is yet another platform that is worth looking into. In addition to helping your nonprofit raise more money, CauseVox will help you build strong relationships with donors through their built-in CRM system. With an online donation system that is easy to navigate for your donors, you can expect good things from this fundraising solution.


If you’re interested in utilizing many different types of online fundraising strategies, OneCause may be what you’re looking for. OneCause offers fundraising solutions for four distinct types of donation strategies: mobile bidding and actions, online giving, T2Give, and peer-to-peer giving. With the ability to add ‘gamification tools’ to donation pages, nonprofits may be able to improve their engagement numbers as well.


Fundly is an excellent crowdsourcing tool that allows for customized donation pages. You can also create a blog to help keep people up-to-date on your fundraising efforts, as well as raise awareness for it. Perhaps Fundly’s best feature is how it makes sharing on social simple. Fundly seamlessly integrates with all social media channels, making it a cinch for you to promote your fundraising campaigns. In addition, donation pages are mobile-friendly, so if people come across your campaign on a social media app, they can still donate easily.

As you can see, there are many great options for online fundraising solutions for nonprofits. For this reason, it’s important to take your time when selecting the solution for your organization. If you can, test it out with a demo before signing up for it, and read up on review to watch out for any red flags. Though, if you choose one of the above options, you’ll likely be pretty content.

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