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The Text Messaging Service NonProfits Need: Understanding ReachNow For NonProfits

Nonprofits—just like any other organization out there—need to constantly be innovating if they want to continue their success. Of course, this is a lot more difficult to do when compared to a large enterprise that has a specific portion of its budget set aside for upgrading its software and other solutions.

But, nonprofits still need to improve their processes as well. Whether it’s finding a new CSM software or internal communication platform, investing in new ways to make your processes more efficient will help in the long-run.

One specific way nonprofits can boost their organization is by implementing new fundraising solutions. We don’t need to tell you about the importance of raising money for your nonprofit. In addition to the volunteers and employees, the funds raised by nonprofits are the lifeblood of their organization. Improving your fundraising capabilities will allow you to bring in more money for your nonprofit, which will allow you to carry out your mission more easily and with a greater impact.

The specific fundraising applications we’re discussing today are text messaging solutions. To kick things off, let’s break down why text messaging can be instrumental for your nonprofit’s success.

Why Text Messaging is So Important For Nonprofits

The Text Messaging Service NonProfits Need: Understanding ReachNow For NonProfits

There are two key ways in which text messaging solutions can help your nonprofit. First, we have improved engagement and communication with volunteers and donors.

Let’s face it; email is no longer the best way to get in touch with your supporters. While email solutions are decently priced, you rarely see the ROI you want in turns of open rates. According to a recent study by Campaign Monitor, the average open rate for organizations today is 18%. Ouch.

Now, compare that to the 98% open rate of text messages. If you want to keep your supporters up-to-date with volunteer opportunities, success stories, job openings, event news, and donation appeals, then a text messaging solution is the right call.

When it comes to donations, there are some text messaging services that are specifically designed for fundraising. Someone who wants to support your organization can easily do so by sending a simple text message. This can help lead to recurring donations because it’s so easy to donate.

If the idea of improving your engagement with your supporters and increasing your fundraising numbers is appealing to you, then check out GiveNow and ReachNow from mobileAxept!

How ReachNow and GiveNow Can Help Your Nonprofit

ReachNow is perfect for nonprofits that are interested in utilizing text messaging to reach their audience but are worried they won’t have time to make sure they do it each day or week. At mobileAxept, we understand running a nonprofit can be hectic at times. ReachNow includes draft and review capabilities, which allows you to schedule texts to your supporters and review them to ensure they are error-free. If the need arises, you can also draft and send a message from your phone.

Using ReachNow will allow you to be consistent with your messages, sending them on-time, every time.

GiveNow is an extremely easy-to-use platform that allows your donors to seamlessly contribute to your nonprofit by sending a text message. All through sending a single text, your supporters can check their donation history, edit their profile, set up recurring donations, give to different funds, and have access to support 365 days a year.

We understand the importance of ensuring that any fundraising solutions you integrate into your processes have to be secure. That’s why we set out to achieve the highest safety level by the Payment Card Industry (PCI Level 1 Compliant). Our system ensures that all credit card information is stored securely behind the payment processor’s security architecture, with all the data being heavily encrypted.

GiveNow also allows you to see real-time information on donations. This includes names, addresses, cell phone numbers, email addresses, and the purpose of their donation. Gaining insights into your donors can help you figure out who your supporters are and how to better connect with them.

Interested in a free demo of ReachNow, GiveNow, or both? Fill out this brief form to get the ball rolling! We’ll get back to you ASAP to get started on setting up your demo.

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