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What is a Donor Database, and How Should You Choose One?

Running a nonprofit is tough work. In addition to the time and effort that you put into it, there are also fellow employees, volunteers, and donors needed to keep the mission alive. Donors are especially important for nonprofits, as they can help the organization soar to new heights.

In order to take advantage of your donors’ support, a donor database is also needed. But, what exactly are the benefits of a donor database, and how should you go about choosing the right one for your nonprofit? Let’s break it down.

The Importance of a Donor Database For Nonprofits

Make Giving Easier For Your Donors + Know More About Your Donations

The right donor database will make it much easier for donors to donate to your nonprofit. The last thing you want is to make it difficult or confusing for your supporters to donate. A donation tool like GiveNow makes it easier for donors to donate, as they can donate simply by sending a text. Because of this added convenience, mobile giving is on the rise. According to Nonprofit Source, mobile giving recently increased by 205% from year to year.

But the right mobile giving solution can also work as a database, as is the case with GiveNow, which stores information on donations. This includes names, addresses, authenticated cell phone numbers, email address, and purpose for the gift in addition to the amount. Knowing this information opens the door for other campaigns, such as sending out letters in the mail or a weekly newsletter if they choose to sign-up. It also helps you understand where your donors live, which can help with marketing and awareness initiatives.

Stay Transparent With Donors

A donor database can keep track of funds you’re taking in each month. Not only is this information valuable internally, but you can also share donation insights with your supporters. For example, if your nonprofit reached a new record for fundraising in a month or year, share that information with your supporters. They’ll love to hear it!

Store All Your Data in One Location

Many donor databases will have integration capabilities. With these integrations, a donor database can connect to other software tools your nonprofit uses to engage with your donors online. For example, you can connect all your marketing, accounting, and fundraising tools for seamless functionality.

Save Time Through Automations

A donor database will often include automation functionality. This can help you save valuable time by automating tasks that are currently being done manually, such as recording donor information and donation amounts. This is really important for nonprofits, as the less time you spend on smaller, tedious tasks, the more you can focus on carrying out your organization’s mission.

Features to Look For in Your Donor Database

Integrations With Existing Tools and Software

While you may not find a donor database that can integrate with all your existing tools and software, finding a solution that can integrate with your key existing solutions is wise. At mobileAxept, we understand this. That’s why all three of our donor solutions—GiveNow, ConnectNow, and ReachNow, integrate together to create a holistic experience for the user.

To learn more about how mobileAxept can help your nonprofit improve engagement with your donors and increase donations, reach out today!

Ability to Handle Growth

Even the smallest of nonprofits should plan on potentially expanding someday. For this reason, finding a donor database that has scalability is important. Even if you only have a hundred or so members or donors to keep track of, there is no reason that number can’t grow to a thousand or more over time. For this reason, choose a donor database that can scale up, so you don’t have to switch solutions if you reach capacity.


A donor database should make life easier, not harder! So, don’t be afraid to be picky with the solution you go with. If the provider offers a free trial, definitely take advantage of that. Since different people within your organization will likely be using the tool, get feedback from them on ease-of-use. If people don’t find it easy enough to use, you may end up losing productivity instead of actually becoming more efficient as a whole.

If you are interested in a donor database or management tool that is donor-facing, it needs to be easy to use for them. Otherwise, you could inadvertently be deterring them from donating if the process is too complex.

If you’re ready to start looking for your perfect donor management software, check out our blog, “Donor Management Software Options 2021: Which Ones Right For You?

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