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5 Signs That You Should Invest in Church Management Software in 2021 + 3 Bonus Tips

5 Signs That You Should Invest in Church Management Software in 2021 + 3 Bonus Tips

It was their Good Friday service, and the pastor worked his way up to the pulpit in a solemn way. This was a special service that the church had been preparing for during the last few months.

When the pastor arrived at the pulpit, he turned to the congregation and said, “Isn’t it wonderful that we can come together at this special service and remember the birth of our Lord.”

The congregation sat still, and the pastor’s face turned red under the realization of the mistake he had made… It was just days before Easter, and he had completely misspoken, leaving an awkward air in the room for the rest of the evening.

After the service ended, the pastor went backstage and muttered to himself, “We really need to invest in church management software.”

Okay, so maybe that didn’t really happen, but the point still remains: running and organizing a church is a lot of work, and church management software can help make that process much, much easier (including help organize your sermons).

Maybe you’ve been in a position like this, or you’ve struggled to remember what’s coming up next on the calendar and haven’t been able to plan for it properly. It might be time for you to consider a church management software for your organization. Before we dive in, let’s define what exactly church management software is.

What is Church Management Software?

A good way to think about what church management software is to think of an entire database that helps churches and similar organizations organize their day to day operations.

A robust ChMS (church management software) can function to track giving, budget, membership, attendance, communication, and more. Check out our previous post to see the advantages of thorough church management software.

Smaller organizations might not need to have a program quite as in-depth as larger organizations, so it’s good to know where you’re at and only to purchase what you’re sure that you’ll use.

Use the infographic that we’ve shared below as a reference to decide if your church needs a new church management software. Be sure to give it a share on your social platforms if you’ve found it helpful!

Infographic - 5 signs that you need a church management software.

3 Bonus Tips

Software to Help Increase Giving

When deciding whether or not you should be implementing a ChMS for your organization it’s helpful to look at giving. Are your goals being met? Have you been making ends meet? Maybe you’re not yet able to see the donations that are coming in real-time. If it’s your money then you should be able to see it coming in faster than the news on your smartphone, right?

With premium software like GiveNow from mobileAxept, you’ll be able to see the gifts as they are submitted. This helps you track giving and gives you great weekly and monthly reports. Check it out here!

Tracking Attendance and Newcomers

New churches seem to be popping up almost weekly, and on any given week, you could have three to five visitors. Are you tracking those visitors and following up with them? If not, then there is definitely a gap that could be filled.

Tracking church membership shouldn’t be about numbers as much as it should be about holding yourself accountable to steward the people that God has given you.

ConnectNow is mobileAxept’s connection software that allows your church visitors to virtually fill out a visitor card. This saves your church money because you don’t have to print out individual connection cards, and it saves administrative work because no one has to go through and sort all those cards. All of the information is stored and ready for you to access as soon as you’re ready to.

Social Networking

If you’ve been using social media for your church, and you should be! Then you might be interested in software that allows you to manage your social network from within its program. With a tool like this, you can schedule posts, view statistics, and promptly answer messages.

If you’re not yet using social media for your church check out this great post that talks about why you should be using social media today.

Is Church Management Right For You

You’ve likely identified with at least one of these 5 signs or 3 tips, and if you have, it’s probably going to be useful to start your search for the right church management software. As you begin your search, we’d love to be a resource for you. Here at mobileAxept we offer some excellent church management and giving tools. Remember to let us know if this infographic was helpful and to tag us when you share it!

We’d love it if you contacted us to see how we can help you fill the needs of your organization.

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