How Church Management Software Can Increase Tithing Online and Enrich Your Community

How Church Management Software Can Increase Tithing Online and Enrich Your Community

When it comes to keeping a church running smoothly and functioning to its full potential, it’s essential to have the right systems and operational procedures in place. Otherwise, you may have a tough time keeping your congregation engaged.

Fortunately for church administrators everywhere, they don’t have to try and create a highly-functional church on their own. Instead, they can utilize church management software to help their church excel by saving their administrators valuable time, streamlining accounting functions, and keeping updated, accurate information on all your church members.

To read more about the overall benefits of using a church management software, read this blog!

Today, we’ll focus specifically on how church management software can help increase tithing online for churches, as well as how they can create a more enriched sense of community throughout your church.

Let’s get into it!

How Church Management Software Can Increase Your Online Donations

There are many, many different types of church management software out there on the market today. Each software has its own core features and functions, so it’s important that you pay close attention to those when deciding on the right one for you and your church’s needs.

If one of your top priorities right now is increasing your donations, then finding a solution that incorporates online tithing capabilities is a must. Online tithing is a great way to improve your overall church donations.

While you can still use older tithing methods to keep the more traditional members involved, online tithing allows the more tech-savvy church members a more convenient avenue for tithing — especially when considering people tend to not carry around as much cash as they used to.

Online tithing can take many forms — one of which is text-to-give platforms. But, just how much more donations can a church expect to receive with an online or text-to-give solution?

Well, according to some reports, churches can expect an increase in anywhere from 25-38% in their donations by using online tithing methods, including text-to-give.

Simply put, the more avenues you have available for your congregation to donate, the more donations you’ll receive. Especially when these new avenues add an extra level of convenience for your members

Why mobileAxept’s Solutions Are Perfect For Increasing Your Church’s Donations

Here at mobileAxept, we offer three church management solutions that prioritize engagement, connectivity, and online tithing.


With ReachNow, church administrators can easily send any message, anytime to their church members’ smartphones. Why is this important? Well, the alternative to sending upcoming event reminders, donation inquiries, and other important information to your congregation is through email or by posting it on your church’s website. You can’t always count on them opening up their emails — which have relatively low open rates, especially when compared to text messages. And you also can’t expect your church members to frequently check your website for updates.

Enter ReachNow, which allows you to draft and schedule your messages so you don’t have to worry about manually sending them. So, whenever you need to make a big donation push or need to spread the word about news and events, ReachNow is the perfect tool for your church.


The perfect complement to ReachNow, mobileAxept’s GiveNow is one of the top text-to-give solutions available today. With this solution, your church members can easily donate with their phones. Text-to-give also works in tandem with mobileAxept’s online solution called SwiftGive™. And, because GiveNow is one of the safest platforms of its kind and has achieved the highest safety level by the Payment Card Industry, you and your church members won’t have to worry about the safety or security of their personal data.


In addition to increasing your donations, when you sign up for GiveNow, you’ll also receive ConnectNow automatically. Our virtual visitor card solution, ConnectNow allows your new church visitors to get set up with your church easily. By simply texting a keyword set up for your specific church, visitors will be sent to the data collection page where they can sign in. Gone are the days of misplaced visitor cards or handwriting that cannot be deciphered. Enter the new age of digital technology streamlining your church’s interaction with your church members.

To learn more about how mobileAxept can help your church thrive, contact us today!

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