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How Allowing Tithing Online Can Boost Your Church’s Donations

How Allowing Tithing Online can Boost your Church’s Donations

For any organization, it’s important to make sure that you’re using the latest and greatest strategies when it comes to communicating with your audience. Ask any leader of any organization or company and they’ll tell you that they are spending more resources and effort on their online efforts.

For churches, creating avenues for your congregation to interact and engage with your church is a key factor in creating a strong community. Today, being online is a great way to do this — especially if you’re looking to increase your church donations. Did you know that churches that accept tithing online increase their overall donations by 32%

In this post, we’ll dive into how having online tithing options can dramatically increase your church fundraising overall. 

Everyone is Online 

There are more people online today than ever before. In fact, of the 7.3 billion people in the world, an estimated 3.1 billion of them are considered internet users. Narrowing that down further, the global internet saturation percentage is currently at 42%. However, in the U.S., that number is 84%. To put it simply, people in the U.S. are online. A lot. 

Especially among young church members, you can expect your congregation to be fairly tech-savvy and able to navigate their way through an online tithing option, which brings us to your next reason for integrating an online solution for your fundraising.  

It’s More Convenient 

Not many people carry around cold hard cash anymore, let alone their checkbook. So, to make it easier for your congregation to tithe, an online option is a must. 

Not only does it allow your members to tithe when they want, where they want, but there are tools out there that help you meet them where they’re at — i.e. send them messages to encourage tithing. 

By incorporating text-to-give solutions (GiveNow and ReachNow) from mobileAxept into your online tithing solutions, you can send out automated messages to your congregation about fundraising initiatives for your church, as well as other messages like: 

  • Daily or weekly devotional messages
  • Updates on weather delays or closures
  • New sermon series announcements
  • Mission trip updates
  • Calls for volunteers
  • Event reminders

So, not only can you increase your overall donations with an online and text-to-give option, but you’ll also be able to keep your congregation more engaged and informed on what’s happening in your church. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your tithing and engagement to new heights! 

You Don’t Have to Get Rid of Traditional Tithing Methods

A huge benefit of using online tithing methods is that it can work in conjunction with your traditional methods. For some of your older congregation members — or just those who prefer to donate using cash during service while the donation basket is making the rounds — you can still allow them to donate physically rather than digitally. 

Allows For Recurring Donations 

Recurring donations are extremely important for your church. With an online solution like GiveNow, your congregation can easily set up recurring donations from their smartphones. This allows them to not have to worry about remembering to donate, as well as your church will be able to keep your weekly and monthly donations consistent. 

By having a consistent rate of tithings, you can budget accordingly. Because you know relatively how much money you’ll take in, you’ll be able to dictate early on in the calendar year how much you’ll be able to spend on church-related spending, community outreach, and more. 

If you’re seeing inconsistencies in how much money your congregation is donating, then it can make it hard to plan ahead in terms of your financial spending and saving.

By having an online tithing option for your church, you can help avoid this problem. 

Bonus Benefits of Online Tithing

Not only do online tithing solutions allow you to raise more money for your church, but it also provides the following additional benefits: 

It Makes Accounting For Your Donations Easier With Up-to-Date Stats

Many online tithing solutions will keep up-to-date, accurate stats of your fundraising amounts. This takes a huge burden off of your shoulders, as you won’t have to sift through as many checks and cash to come up with donation totals.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to spot trends in your donations, such as which months and days of the week you receive the most tithings so that you can target those days more for your text-to-give messages.

Your Provider of Online Solutions Will Help You With Any Issues You May Have 

As long as you’re using the right partner for your online giving solution, they should provide you with customer service so if you do have any issues with the tech, you’ll be able to resolve them quickly. 

Some churches are hesitant to incorporate online giving solutions because they might not perceive themselves as tech-savvy. But, here at mobileAxept, we make sure to onboard all our partners throughout so that they are confident to use our platforms on their own. And of course, if any issues did happen, we’ll always be available to help you out.

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