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How Automated Giving Leads to Increased Church Offerings

How Automated Giving Leads to Increased Church Offerings


In today’s world, it is extremely important that churches are welcoming new technology into their operations.

Not only does incorporating this new tech make for a better church-going experience for your congregation, but it also makes for a more efficient church overall. 

Everything from church management systems to new sound systems and speakers can help bring new life to your church. 

Another emerging technology that churches should take advantage of revolves around tithingautomated giving

Using an automated giving solution for your church allows your members to give recurring donations on a consistent basis. 

In addition, allowing for automated giving can help dramatically increase your overall church offerings. 

Here’s how! 

Forgetful Members of Church No Longer Need to Worry 

When you repeatedly have to do something manually, you tend to forget every now and then (i.e. ‘Did I remember to lock the door when I left this morning?’ or ‘Did I leave the oven on?’). 

With automated giving, you can take remembering to give out of the equation when it comes to tithing. 

While you may not think that there are a lot of members of your church who occasionally forget to give, but that number can add up over time and incorporating an automated giving solution into your church can make a big difference in the long run. 

You Can Still Receive Donations Even From Those Who Missed Church or Don’t Have Cash/Checks on Them

Along with this, not everyone can make it to church every Sunday, and for churches who still use traditional giving methods like envelopes, you can miss out on a significant amount of offerings. 

By allowing for a digital, automated option, you aren’t limiting your giving to only those present at church. 

You’re also not limiting yourself to allowing only those with cash or checks on them to donate. According to a US Bank Survey, 50% of Americans carry cash on them less than half the time they are out of the house. 

With a digital, automated giving option, you’ll no longer have to worry about the declining number of people who still have cash on hand at all times. 

Your Congregation Will Appreciate the Option

It’s not just younger members of your church who will appreciate an automated giving option. 

According to the latest research, 81% of all Americans have a smartphone. And while that number decreases as you segment Americans by age and work your way up, 53% of people 65 and older have a smartphone. 

In addition to your congregation enjoying another option to donate, you can still keep around traditional methods for those who still prefer to donate with cash or checks. That way, you’re adding another effective means of giving, while not alienating anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone. 

Automate Your Giving With GiveNow Today

If your donation numbers aren’t where you’d like them to be, then it’s time to team up with mobileAxept. 

Our GiveNow solution is the perfect tool to help you increase your church offerings with automated giving. 

From their smartphones, your congregation can register to give online, and most importantly, set up recurring payments for automated giving. 

An extremely user-friendly, easy to use platform, your church members will love being able to tithe from their mobile device.

Contact us today to learn more and get started setting up GiveNow for your church today! 

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