Ensure Success with This Church Event Planning Checklist

Ensure Success with This Church Event Planning Checklist

Planning events can be overwhelming, but they don’t need to be. With advance planning, any event can become a success. Starting six months prior to the event, you can follow this easy checklist to help you complete the necessary steps to ensure success!

Six Months Prior to the Event:

  1. Develop Your Event Theme – Is the primary object to raise funds, to build community awareness, or bring people together?
  2. Define Goals – What will be the measuring stick for success? Is it how much money you raise, how many participants you have, or how many people contribute to cause?  
  3. Choose a Date & Secure a Venue – Establish a date and begin to call venues that can host during your determined dates and times.  
  4. Create an Event Committee – Put together a group of passionate, reliable people who can execute against the event plans.
  5. Brainstorm Needs of Event – Meet with the event committee and make a list of all vendors and equipment needed to host the event.
  6. Develop a Budget – Collect estimates as you call vendors and research items that might be needed. This will help to define what the budget will be.
  7. Identify and Contact Speakers – Ensure their availability and see how much it may cost to retain their services.
  8. Create a Plan on How to Advertise the Event – Determine the best way to reach your target audience members and come up with a plan to advertise to them.


Four Months Prior to the Event:

  1. Create Your Event Itinerary – Define what will happen during the event and who might oversee various event tasks. Be as detailed as possible to ensure success.  
  2. Learn More about Your SpeakerNow is a good time to gather further information about your guest speaker and determine how you will promote that in your materials.
  3. Execute the Marketing Plan – Develop content to be used in print, web, social and calendars to promote the event. Make sure that attendees can register if possible.  
  4. Plan Event Logistics – Figure out how vendors will get items to the venue, prepare for signage, parking, AV, catering, etc. and have a plan to make it happen day of the event.


One Month Prior to the Event:

  1. Confirm Speakers – Make sure speaker travel and accommodations are finalized and prepare speaking materials if necessary.
  2. Remind AttendeesSend out a reminder of date and time of event.
  3. Follow Through on Marketing Plans – Continue to promote your event through marketing channels until the day of the event.  
  4. Prepare Event Day Materials – Ensure that all materials that will be used at the event are lined up and promotional materials are proofread and produced.


One Week Prior to the Event:

  1. Confirm all Event Details – Meet with the team committee to make sure that all details have been met and there is a plan for all logistics of your event.
  2. Inform VolunteersHold a meeting with all event volunteers so they know how to execute against their roles on the day of the event. Don’t forget to thank them!
  3. Finalize Event Script – Ensure final script for the event has all the information needed and is polished and ready to go. Ensure agendas for the event are correct and ready for consumption.   
  4. Finalize Registration – Review all attendees and produce name tags for the event.


The Day Prior to the Event:

  1. Execute Set-up – All hands-on deck is required for this step so that all committee and volunteers can make sure every aspect is ready to roll for the next day.  
  2. Test AVMake sure that all AV is tested and is working properly for the day of the event.
  3. Final Check – After setting up is complete, do one last check according to your event itinerary to ensure all items are where they need to be.  


The Day of the Event:

  1. One Last Check – Arrive early to review one last time.
  2. Check in with Your Execution TeamMeet early with committee members and volunteers to review event details and ensure that everyone knows their roles.
  3. SMILE and ENJOY Your Event – Welcome guests and stay calm. Your event will be a success since you planned everything precisely!
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