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What is a Friendraiser + Why They Work So Well For Raising Funds In 2021

When it comes to raising funds for your nonprofit, there are endless avenues you can choose. There are fundraisers, email campaigns, text-to-give solutions, and more which can all help you raise awareness and money for your nonprofit organization.

Today we’re going to talk about an underutilized friendraiser as a way to raise money and why it’s such an effective means for improving your donations. But first, what exactly is a fundraiser?

What is a Friendraiser and Why Do They Work?

A friendraiser is a much more intimate gathering when compared to a typical fundraiser. Whereas a fundraiser casts a wide net and tries to get as many people to attend, a friendraiser depends on people within your nonprofit (employees, volunteers, etc.) bringing friends to a dinner or gathering. Typically a smaller number of people than a fundraiser, a friendraiser’s goal is to inform the guests what your nonprofit does and why your mission is important, helping to turn them into donors and/or volunteers. Oftentimes, the idea is that the people you invite are positioned well to become large donors.

Friendraisers, when done right, can be very effective for creating supporters of your nonprofit because it’s easier to explain what it is you do and why your work is important to a smaller group than a large one. It gives the guests a chance to ask questions and get to know the people running the organization. Creating that familiarity and transparency can go a long way towards getting them to become supporters. In addition, it’s always fun to meet new people, and even if it doesn’t work out where every guest becomes a donor, at least they’ve become aware of your nonprofit and can help spread the word.

Keys to a Good Friendraiser

There are few key things you should do during your friendraiser to ensure its success. The first is making sure you invite the right people.

Only Invite Friends You Know Would Be Good Fits

Make sure that whoever is invited to the friendraiser would actually be a good fit. Don’t have your nonprofit employees just bring in anyone and everyone. For example, some people simply aren’t in the position to be donating money to organizations. Whether they are fresh out of college and need to put money towards their student loans or they simply don’t have a lot of extra money lying around, not everyone is in the perfect position to become a full-fledged donor. It can be tough to say “no” to friends, so make sure that whoever is doing the inviting isn’t pressuring people to attend and donate. If they are excited about the idea of becoming a supporter, all they need is an invitation. Trying to guilt someone into attending a friendraiser will only lead to them becoming uncomfortable.

Make Sure the Event is Still Fun

Regardless of whether someone becomes a donor or volunteer, they should have a good time at the friendraiser. If they think you’re doing a good job with your nonprofit, they may pass your name onto their own network.

Have a Clear Presentation Where You Clearly Describe Your Mission

Don’t just bring people together and expect them to be on board with your mission. Have a presentation prepared that goes over what your nonprofit does, why your mission is important, and how raising more money can help you further carry out your mission. People like to know the “why” behind their donations. So make sure you give it to them.

Make it Easy For Them to Donate

Whether people are interested in donating on the spot or want to become regular donors after the friendraiser, make it easy for them with a text-to-give solution like GiveNow from mobileAxept. Writing out checks or giving cash donations for nonprofits isn’t the standard anymore. Instead, donating online or through texting is the way to go.

GiveNow is the premier text-to-give solution for nonprofits. Completely secure and user-friendly, GivenNow will help you increase your donations and carry out your mission. Reach out to mobileAxept today for a free demo!

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