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How Text to Donate Increases Fundraising For Your Church + Other Tips For Tithing

Fundraising for charity organizations—especially churches—can be incredibly difficult.

There are so many different distractions pulling at people’s attention and sometimes it’s hard to break through that noise.

Forward-thinking organizations have begun to use text-to-donate, also known as text-to-give, options to help increase giving. These options provide easy to use interfaces that engage church members to give from wherever they are. It’s convenient, easy, and produces better results than traditional giving methods.

If you’ve been struggling to engage church community members to give then we’re here with some tips, tricks, and new technologies. Let’s get started!

Why Traditional Giving isn’t Working

One of the biggest reasons why passing the offering plate no longer produces the same results is because people aren’t carrying as much cash as they have in the past. It used to be normal to purchase almost everything with cash or check. But, today people use cards. In fact, a study by TSYS shows that 77% of consumers prefer to use cards to make a purchase instead of cash.

This has become a big problem and churches along with other nonprofits have been forced to find new ways to collect donations. Some have revamped their websites or created mobile apps while others have used text-to-donate solutions.

Using Text-To-Donate to Increase Donations

While revamping a website to promote giving is a great idea, it’s also very time consuming and for some churches, it might require hiring someone to do it. Apps can work well for some churches but they can be incredibly expensive to develop and are often under-utilized.

That’s why text-to-donate is the perfect solution. Churches can expect to see up to a 32% increase in donations when they implement text to give options. And, adding text to give is much easier than undergoing a website revamp.

Text-To-Donate Engages Younger Members

Most often, the members of your community that don’t carry cash are younger. They are the ones that grew up with the internet and love the simplicity of using a card without having to carry around a thick wallet. Most churches struggle to engage these members because they don’t adapt their engagement strategies. By offering a convenient way to give, you’ll be able to engage the younger members of your community as well.

Tips For Promoting Consistent Giving and Tithing

A great way to help increase donations through fundraisers and tithing in your church is to simply promote it. Whether it be from the stage or sending out email updates about the budget we’ve found that there are some strategies that have worked better than others.

As stated above, text-to-donate is the way that we’ve found to be most successful for churches. From engaging members to increasing access to giving, text-to-donate is a huge fundraising tool.

Just like text-to-donate, accepting online donations allow members to give the opportunity to give from wherever they are.

  • Teach on Giving and Tithing

A lot of church organizations are afraid to talk about money or their need for money. But, fully embracing the conversation you’ll be able to empower your community all the more! Here are some Bible verses about tithing and giving to use at your next Mass or Service.

Automated giving refers to offering a giving option to members that directly withdraws money on a frequency that they determine. This allows giving to occur more easily and allows people to give even if they forgot about it or are out of town.

Giving within any context is a very healthy thing. Studies have shown that giving increases mental health as well as physical health. But beyond that, for Christians, it’s something that we’re called to do. Be sure to check out our post about promoting healthy giving if you’re looking for more ideas.

The Importance of Finding the Right Solution

Finding the right solution to increase giving in your organization is essential. There are too many solutions on the market to just choose the first one that you think sounds good. Choosing at random will only lead to a confusing and frustrating journey.

When looking for the right giving solution, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the sort of needs you have. Ask yourself questions like, how many members will use it? How tech-savvy do you have to be to get it up and running? MobileAxept’s solutions, GiveNow for example, is incredibly easy to set up and we offer support throughout all of the setup and week to week operation. By finding an easy to use solution you’ll set yourself up for success in the long run.

Consider looking into a program that we offer at mobileAxept called GiveNow. GiveNow is a text-to-give platform that offers mobile giving including access to giving records, automated giving, and the ability to give to specific funds.

If you’re interested in increasing your church’s engagement and giving capacity, contact mobileAxept today!

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