6 Affordable Accounting Software and Finance Tools For Your Church

6 Affordable Accounting Software and Finance Tools For Your Church

Small Church Accounting Software Options: 6 Finance Tools For Growing Your Ministry In 2020

Managing a church is no easy task.

best church accounting software counting money

Unfortunately, many small churches have overworked staff simply because they can’t afford to hire needed professionals.

This is especially true when it comes to financial management. Many pastors and church leaders wrestle with church finances because frankly, it’s hard.

Fortunately, there are numerous small church accounting software options you can get your hands on today! These financial tools make managing your church‘s finances easy, and many are very affordable. 

So for those of you that just want a quick list, here are the 6 best small church accounting software options for 2020:

  1. FlockBase
  2. Aplos
  3. QuickBooks
  4. PowerChurch
  5. Realm
  6. GiveNow

Before we get to our detailed breakdown of the software and tools you should look into for your church, let’s first discuss:

The Importance of Small Church Accounting Software and Other Financial Tools For Churches

Like any organization, having the right tools and solutions integrated into your operations can make your life much easier. 

Here is how having the right accounting software can help your church improve. 

Improved Financial Accuracy

  • More accurate numbers allowing you to make the right financial decisions
  • A vast reduction in errors that are all too common with traditional accounting methods

It’s hard to overstate the importance of accuracy when it comes to your accounting and finances. Just think about your own personal accounting. Imagine if your transactions weren’t labeled on your account statements. Instead, you just saw all these expenses but have no idea where they originated. This can make it difficult to plan for the future, as well as figure out which areas you should be looking to decrease spending if you’re trying to save.

The same can be said for your church’s accounting. There are various monthly expenses churches need to be keeping tabs on, as well as various sources of income that also need to be tracked. When you document your finances on graphing paper or through other old-school methods, you’re inviting errors of all sorts. These errors can lead to your accounting statements being way off.

Inaccurate accounting and financial records can lead to poor financial decisions, as well as confusion over key numbers like monthly donations. When planning initiatives to generate more income and reduce expenses, having accurate books is a must. Otherwise, you’ll be left in the dark and guessing how you can improve your financials and accounting. Using a church accounting software can help you attain the clarity you need to make smart decisions in regards to your church’s future.

Increased Speed For Donation & Data Tracking

  • Gain valuable insight on key metrics in real-time
  • Customization options because every church (and every church’s goals) are different

In addition to being prone to error, old school accounting methods take time. Church accounting software can help you drastically improve the efficiency in which you generate accounting statements and reports.

The beauty of accounting software is that they typically allow you to customize your reports, meaning you can pinpoint the exact figures you want clarity on, and they’ll produce stats for real-time figures on key performance indicators for your church (like donations and monthly utility expenses).

More Organized Day-to-Day Operations

  • Make it much easier to accomplish day-to-day financial tasks
  • Spend more time on other church functions, like increasing membership or expanding donation initiatives

Church accounting software can help any church dramatically improve their day-to-day financial operations. Whether it’s payroll, paying utilities, creating and updating budgets, or allocating emergency funds during unexpected or unprecedented times, new accounting software can help your team do all those functions and more.

In fact, it will also reduce the time you spend on these day-to-day financial functions, allowing you and other church employees to focus more time on fulfilling other areas of need.

Improved Financial Performance in the Long-Term

  • Speed + Accuracy will lead to success down the road
  • Bowl with your eyes open and the bumpers on, not with your eyes closed

Trying to make decisions when you’re in the dark about your finances is like trying to bowl a strike with your eyes closed. However, when you have speed and accuracy on your side, giving you the ability to know where exactly you are and how far you are from your goal, it’s like bowling with your eyes open and the bumpers on. This makes it much easier to get a strike—or in the case of your church—reach your financial goals.

When you integrate the right church accounting software into your process, you’re setting your church up for success down the road. Too often, organizations of all types focus too much on the present. But, the key to long-term growth is to prepare for the future now, not a year later, when it’s already too late.

Here are six affordable and helpful accounting software and financial tools to integrate into your church today! 

6 Best Church Accounting Software Options Available Today:

1. FlockBase

6 Affordable Accounting Software and Finance Tools For Your Church

For smaller churches, FlockBase is an excellent accounting software solution that is very user-friendly in addition to being affordable ($15.99/month). 

Despite being geared for smaller to mid-sized churches, FlockBase still has a wide range of tools and has essentially everything you need to take control of your finances — making it a valid option for any church. FlockBase will assist you in the management of your church’s income and expense, bank reconciliations, payroll processing, and check writing. 

And, for those who like to have all their financial information in front of them as they plan ahead, FlockBase provides accounting reports to help guide your decisions. 

In addition to all of this, the software is very easy to set up so you’ll be on your way to more effective accounting practices in no time! 

2. Aplos

best church accounting software: aplos

Priced at $25/month, Aplos is another popular choice for churches who want to improve their accounting and finances without breaking the bank. 

Once again, Aplos is specifically designed for small churches. But, that will be a common theme with these more affordable options. 

An important aspect of Aplos to note is that it is actually entirely web-based. This way, you don’t need to download any actual software or install any plugins. While this means it usually isn’t as comprehensive, many churches appreciate the ability to access it online from anywhere. 

Aplos really shines when it comes to data-entry, so if you’re not using a manual accountant for that part of your accounting, Aplos is a great option. 

3. QuickBooks

best church accounting software: quickbooks

QuickBooks has a reputation for being one of the top accounting software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. But, what many people don’t know is that QuickBooks is also a great choice for churches too! 

QuickBooks has a great user interface and has some great functionality to it as well. This solution will make it easy for you to record and report every dollar that is going in and out of your church. 

QuickBooks’s price point is a good value as well, but ranges depending on which type of QuickBooks you go with (Online, Pro, etc.).

4. PowerChurch

best church accounting software: power church software

PowerChurch is a little more of a premium option, but their prices are still quite reasonable. 

For PowerChurch Plus, you can download the software for a one-time purchase of $395. For upgrades, you do have to pay an additional $159. 

Meanwhile, PowerChurch online is $39.95/month for two users. For every additional user you add, you’ll pay an extra $25/month. 

So, if you have a small or mid-sized church and only have two people who need access to the software, PowerChurch makes for a very effective and decently priced option. For Larger churches, PowerChurch is also a good choice — especially if you plan on paying for the upgraded functionality. 

However, PowerCrunch should definitely be used by someone who has prior accounting knowledge, as the interface can be a little challenging to navigate and it assumes a basic understanding of double-entry accounting. 

5. Realm

best church accounting software: realm

Sitting at $29/month, Realm is a highly rated church accounting software (4.5 stars out of 5 on Capterra). 

Reviewers of Realm often boast about two extremely important characteristics that are essential for a great accounting software: excellent customer service and a user-friendly interface. 

But, it’s functionality is also impressive, as Realm can handle just about anything you’d ever need for your church — accounting, events, and much more. 

6. mobileAxept’s GiveNow

best church accounting software: mobileaxept

As a church, one of your biggest concerns is ensuring that you have the right amount of donations you need in order to successfully carry out your mission. 

GiveNow is a financial tool and software that is specifically centered on increasing your donations from your church members and beyond by allowing them to donate via their smartphones. 

best church accounting software on screen

This giving solution allows you to see — in real-time — important information on each donation you receive. This includes the amount of the donation, the name of the donor, email addresses, cell phone numbers, and the purpose of the gift. 

For added convenience, GiveNow also imports seamlessly into your donor management software, meaning you won’t have to get rid of any current systems in order to use GiveNow. 

It’s also important that you understand how to properly use the software — so we provide easy to edit templates and pre and post-launch strategy consultations ensure that you’re getting the most out of GiveNow. 

We think it’s important to not only support your administrators with training but to support your donors as well. They can contact us by simply texting HELP to 28950.

To learn more about how GiveNow can transform your donation strategy, contact us today

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