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Why Your Church Needs a Thorough Church Management Software

Why Your Church Needs a Thorough Church Management Software


Like any organization, it’s crucial for churches to stay organized.

There is a large number of operational tasks and jobs that must get done every day for a church, let alone every week or month.

That’s why it’s important to find a church management software system that’s right for your church.

In this post, we’ll highlight some specific ways in which a centralized management system can help improve your church operations drastically.

First up, let’s discuss how church management software can help you save important time.

Save Yourself Time

A church management software system will ultimately save you a lot of time. Attempting to run a church without using a church management solution is going to be extremely labor-intensive, and you’ll find that tasks will slip through cracks in your operations often.

By incorporating your operations into a centralized system, you can get objectives done on time and without second-guessing whether or not you’re missing something.

For example, with church management software you can plan out your worship services and schedule well in advance. Instead of writing things down by hand or keeping this information on Word or Google Docs, you can keep it with all your other important church information.

Let’s say you’re planning a big church event down the road. A church management software system will make it easy for you to cross all your “t”s and dot every “i” to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Streamline Accounting and Payroll Management

Finding a church management tool that can handle your accounting and payroll is a must.

Accounting software that is made specifically for businesses may leave out important details that are specific to churches.

For example, churches have defined regulatory practices that they must adhere to, and only church management software can make sure that you have all your bases covered on that front.

Effective accounting and payroll management is also important for growing churches, as it’s imperative that you know where your costs are going, how much money you’re taking in, and where you should allocate your resources to ensure healthy growth throughout your church.

Keep Updated, Accurate Information on Giving and Members

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have all your important and vital information about your members, as well as their donations, in one central hub?

With a church management solution, you can have just that!

Your donations are a critical part of the success of your church to carry out your goals. By using a management software specifically made for churches, you can take a look at giving trends to see how your congregation is doing in terms of donations.

Based on this information, you can make decisions in terms of whether or not you need to promote tithing more in your church, as well as plan out where you should allocate these donations (Church expenses, charity, events, etc).

In addition to this, you can keep tabs on your church members, so you can better understand your audience and become more familiar with your congregation.

Become a More Efficient Organization

Overall, finding a church management software solution that is perfect for your church will help take your operations to the next level.

You’ll be both impressed with yourself and surprised by how much of a difference integrating these systems will have for your church.

Be more productive, more efficient, and more effective with a church management solution today.

Why Partnering With mobileAxept Makes Sense For Your Church

With expansive integration capabilities in terms of church management software, partnering with mobileAxpet is a great move for your church.

Our management tools include ReachNow, GiveNow Text, GiveNow Online, and ConnectNow.

Here is more information about each of these solutions:


With ReachNow, you can send any message, anytime to your church members’ phones. As opposed to emails, messages sent to smartphones have a much higher open rate (In fact, it’s nearly perfect at 98%). As an extremely user-friendly platform, you can also draft and schedule your messages so you don’t have to worry about manually sending them.

GiveNow Text 

If you’re interested in increasing your church’s tithing by an average of 32%, then you need to allow your congregation the option of text to give. With GiveNow, you can do just that. With this solution, your church members can easily donate with their phones. And don’t worry, GiveNow is one of the safest platforms of its kind, as it has achieved the highest safety level by the Payment Card Industry.


If you sign up for GiveNow Text, you’ll automatically receive ConnectNow — the premier virtual visitor card. Visitors will simply need to text a keyword set up for your church and they’ll be sent a link to the data collection page. It’s that simple. No more paper visitor cards that can be easily misplaced or written with illegible handwriting. Welcome new members of your church right with ConenctNow.

To learn more about how mobileAxept can help your church thrive, contact us today!

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