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14 Best Church Management Software 2021 (How They Can Help Increase Engagement)

14 Best Church Management Software 2021 (How They Can Help Increase Engagement)


When looking at the best church management software out there today, you should know you have a lot of options. 

But with such a crowded marketplace, it can be difficult to find the right one for you and your church’s needs. 

Instead of sifting through hundreds and thousands of reviews, we’ve decided to help you out! 

We’ve put together a list of 14 of the best church management software to try in 2021, as well as information on how they can help increase your church’s engagement

We’ve also highlighted which software will integrate with mobileAxept. The all-in-one capabilities are nice for some churches, but for those who want to upgrade their online and mobile giving solutions without ditching their current church management software, these integrations are a key factor in choosing the right option. 


best church management software Realm

ACS has provided an exceptional desktop-based platform for quite some time. But recently, they released their latest product, called REALM. 

REALM is quite the upgrade as well, with enhanced reporting features, integrated accounting, a universal check-in feature. Plenty of churches who are using ASC are currently making plans to switch to REALM if they haven’t already. 

If you’re interested in using a different solution for the giving aspect of church management, mobileAxept integrates with both ASC and REALM. No matter which system you’re on, you’ll have a great experience in using mobileAxept with ASC or REALM. 

Rock RMS

best church management software Rock RMS

Rock RMS is an open-source church management solution but will require a robust IT staff and support. 

However, it does make for a smart choice if your church is larger than the average congregation. So, while it may be a bit of work, if you have the resources to implement Rock RMS into your church it is a good option. 

Another bonus, mobileAxept has an extensive API integration with Rock RMS.


best church management software Breeze

For smaller churches with fewer resources than others, Breeze is extremely easy to learn church management software. You could say it is a ‘breeze’ to use! 

Better yet, importing mobileAxpet’s data into Breeze is an extremely simple process. 

DonorDirect Studio Enterprise

best church management software DonorDirect

Studio Enterprise, by DonorDirect, is a solution that many churches with a ministry component will enjoy. It can manage partnership giving, ministry product sales, and track all communication with donors.

 With their device-independent platform and optional hosting in the cloud, Studio Enterprise can help maximize your productivity. Not to mention, mobileAxept’s API integration with Studio Enterprise will help you track the success of your giving campaigns.


best church management software Flock Note

Flocknote’s main point of emphasis is to help facilitate communication between all members of the church — whether they are members of the congregation, groups, or leaders within the church. 

Communication is key to ensuring that an organization is strong, and Flocknote can help your church increase participation, transparency, and engagement. They have a wide array of features, including but not limited to texting, email messaging, and content sharing. 

The software is accessible for all due to its extremely easy to use navigation and because they have a feature that enables users to send emails and text messages to all members, you can ensure that no one misses anything important. 


best church management software Elvanto

Elvanto is a cloud-based church management software that is a jack of all trades. 

One of its coolest features is that is has a reporting tool that allows churches to monitor their attendance and other important metrics. 

In addition to that tool, Elvanto also assists in managing administrative and pastoral activities, member engagement, and financial processes. Users can also capture and store member contact information, as well as create church groups and organize them for volunteering and track donations, and keeping donors informed of the status of their giving. 


mobileAxcept Logo

mobileAxept is a groundbreaking tool that allows for increased engagement and donation giving for churches. 

With four different solutions, mobileAxept can perfectly tailor their services to fit your church’s needs. 

ReachNow, GiveNow Text, GiveNow Online, and Connect Now all use some of the most cutting-edge technology to help bring your church into the 21st century. 

The GiveNow Text solution is perhaps the most popular of the options, as mobileAxept pioneered text giving and offers the most intuitive donor experience. Just by sending one text, members of your congregation can do everything from registration, set up recurring payments, and editing their settings. 

mobileAxept is the right partner for you as we can support you no matter which church management software you choose

To learn more about how mobileAxept can help your church with giving, communicating, and connecting, call 888-500-1997 or fill out this brief contact form

Shelby Systems (Arena and ShelbyNext)

best church management software Shelby Systems

Shelby Systems offers two different solutions for church management. First, they have Arena, which is tailored for bigger churches that are growing faster. 

As a ministry-oriented tool, it is compatible with some of their other solutions, such as Shelby Financials. If you’re looking to grow your church and extend your outreach, then Arena is the better of the two Shelby System options. 

ShelbyNext, on the other hand, is positioned as a management solution for churches of all sizes. 

Church Community Builder 

best church management software Church Community Builder

Another platform that is designed to help increase communication throughout the church, Church Community Builder can greatly improve engagement. 

Within the software, there are tons of tools that aid church leaders in both managing and growing their congregation. Church Community Builder also integrates with some popular business applications, which can make it easier for financial and attendance management, as well as donations. 

mobileAxept is also the first mobile giving solution to write an API interface to Community Church Builders. 

Pro Church Tools 

14 Best Church Management Software 2021 (How They Can Help Increase Engagement)

Using Pro Church Tools, you’ll attain new management skills through courses, podcasts, and other content. 

This is a great software to use if you’re looking for new ways to increase engagement, particularly with younger members of the congregation. Using videos, social media, email marketing, and other media, you can use storytelling techniques to increase participation. 

Overall, Pro Church Tools is a solid management tool for churches looking to boost their engagement. 


best church management software Fellowship One

FellowshipOne is a total church management software, with three separate solutions in one, which are a church management solution, a church accounting software, and a church online giving platform. 

It can also manage mass messaging and background checks, so you can improve both security and communication within your church. The accounting tool with FellowshipOne enables users to manage ledger, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll and purchases. 

Planning Center 

best church management software Planning Center

Planning Center is designed to help churches manage their everyday processes. For those who are worried about integration, Planning Center integrates with applications that cover tasks like check-ins, giving, groups, individual people, and registration. 

One of the neat features of this software is the Music Stand application, which allows churches to store their sheet music in one central location, as well as play the audio. 


best church management software Seraphim

Seraphim is a cloud-based, total solution that offers membership management, check-in functionalities, ministry planning, and more. 

Both public and private events can be managed and organized using Seraphim and their website management. Another noteworthy feature is a simple to use calendar scheduler, which makes it easy for church members to join local events. 

When looking at the software’s accounting functionality, the product has integrations with applications such as QuickBooks and Sage 50.


best church management software icon cmo

IconCMO is a platform that has modules that are built-in to it that include contributions and membership management modules. 

The fund accounting module that is also included allows for fully functional accounting that will help churches keep track of their finances while keeping church members and leaders in communication. 

This feature encourages FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) compliance and enables users to generate invoices, pay bills, manage checkbooks, and create funds, among others.

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Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I know if my church needs management software?

Determining when your church needs management software is ultimately something you’ll have to decide with the leader of your church. If you are running into organizational or logistic problems on a regular basis, you should maybe consider the benefits a good church management software could bring.

How do I choose the right Church Management Software?

Finding the right church management software has everything to do with your specific needs as a church, and what your budget can afford. If you are on the hunt for a good church management software, we would love to help point you in the right direction and answer any of your questions.

If we can’t afford management software, what can we do in the meantime?

Sometimes the best thing to do focus inward on your processes, and your current organizational structure. There is only so much a church management software can do, and it works best if you have an already organized system that it can build on top of. So if you can’t afford it, focus on streamlining your organizational structure as best as you can.

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